Wednesday, August 17, 2011

German Links

Time is ticking away until I ship off to Germany. Recently most of the content on the site has been geared towards cognitive science, and not language. In order to prepare for the massive amount of immersion I am about to face, I figure it is time to change gears. In order to get us kicked off, here is a list of German learning websites and resources. If you can think of anything to include just leave a comment below and I'll be sure to add it.


Canoo - German dictionary and grammer
Google Translate - The bane of language teachers. Better than Babel-fish because Google is always finding new ways of tweaking it. Still can often be grammatically wrong of course.
LEO - an open dictionary project that was started in the mid-nineties.
Rhyming Dictionary - Includes other languages

Forums - I actually do not think any of these forums are worthwhile, but they are here if you want to check them out.'s German Forum - Might help you find other resources.
Krautchan - German image board. Adult material and bad taste, it's 4chan in German.

Das Bild - tabloid
Der Tagesspiegel
Deutsche Welle - German news for German language learners. Includes easy to read news articles, and slow speaking newscasts. I highly recommend this.
Deutsche Welle Podcasts
Die Zeit
Goethe Institute - Information on the German-speaking world.
HR Online - news site based out of Hessen.

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  1. i can actually use this blog, my friend has a boyfriend who works in germany, and she doesnt speak german, she can probably use this site more than me but id gladly pass it along to her!!!