Monday, August 1, 2011


This is article #3 of 5 for random week.

On my days off I like to hold up in my room until the wee hours of the night, eat bad food, play old computer games, and listen to Loveline. I don't know when my infatuation with the show began, but I have listened to it religiously since I started.

Loveline is a radio show that Dr. Drew Pinsky has been doing since he was just a med student. Through 1995 to 2005 Adam Corolla did the show along with Dr. Drew. Considering Drew is a doctor and Adam is a comedian, not only will you learn something from listening to this show, you will laugh too! I promise.

These Drew and Adam episodes are what many die hard fans listen to, although not exclusively. Currently, the website to get Loveline episodes is, before that it was The Loveline Archive and so forth. At one point all the shows were hosted on a server you would have to connect to with DC++. There also have been extensive Loveline discussions on online forums like Something Awful, which is actually a really good resource for this topic.

Every episode is an hour and a half long, many of the shows have guests. David Allen Grier, who is really only known for being on In Living Color, is a recurring guest. The format of the show is supposed to be Drew and Adam taking question-and-answer calls from youths and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems, through the expertise of Pinsky, an addiction medicine specialist. When it's just Dr. Drew on the show, he will plow through calls and try to help as many people as possible. If it is Adam, well, I think the phone screeners try to put the dumbest callers though to the show just to piss him off.

Every episode usually starts off with a rant from Adam Corolla. Gusts also usually chime in on calls, and this can go either way. For example in one show Kelly Osbourne was plugging her then new album. During the show Adam says that women know nothing about wars, and Kelly insists that she knows everything about World War Two. When Drew asks her who fought in the war, she claims that Germany and England fought together. In another episode The Darkness walk off the show because they feel uncomfortable, and then there is the infamous Pennywise episode.
Here is the description for the episode:
"Promoting their album Straight Ahead. Fletcher Dragge, intoxicated on alcohol, barricaded the studio door and threatened to throw his feces at Adam and claimed to have a hand grenade. Six police officers arrived to defuse the situation."
They were on the show at least four more times after that.

The callers on the show are usually not intelligent. Some of the best (and most extreme) examples are what comes up when you Youtube "loveline". I'll let the videos speak for themselves:

Here is another:

There are also repeat callers. For example there is a guy who calls in to play Germany or Florida. The caller reads a news story and then Drew and Adam have to guess if the story took place in Germany or Florida. The caller also has a song that he sings before they play the game. Drew and Adam also have a knack for telling when a prank call is being made. After listening to many episodes it is actually simple to tell when a caller is fake, they push the point. Drew will answer the questions and then the caller will say "yeah but...". Still I was baffled by how easily they were able to call out fake callers.

Personally my favorite Loveline episode is where Adam comes in to the studio drunk and has the sound engineer play Blood Sweat and Tears over callers. One more good episode is this one. The shows that are just Adam and Drew are the best because it leaves a lot of uninhibited conversations. One again, you can find almost every episode at .

Anyways tell me what you think of Loveline, whether you have listened to it before or not.


  1. I've not listened to it before, but it sounds pretty interesting.