Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Different Keyboard Language Layouts in Windows

There was an article on Boing Boing a few days ago saying that ninety percent of people do not know the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F for browsers. I figure if this is the case, then many people probably do not know that they can change the language layout of their keyboards. What is useful about this is that there is a keyboard shortcut you can use in order to switch between the standard layout you use, and any of the other languages you have selected.

In order do do this in windows, go to:
Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages Tab > Details...
 Here you can select which languages you want as well as set hot keys for them - if you want to be able to pull up a certain one.

By hitting Shift + Alt you can cycle between the languages you have selected.


  1. thats pretty basic info for anyone who have used a pc for more than 1 hour :D

  2. I have the standard commands but switching between a mac and pc makes it tricky :p

  3. I understand the advice. But it doesn't work at my keyboard. It is pretty old throught.