Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Resetting The Domain Admin Password in Windows Server

The below steps are confirmed work on Windows Server 2016. Please comment below if you are able to get this to work on different versions.

Download server 2016 ISO > attach to VM > reboot into ISO > Repair your Computer > Troubleshoot > Command prompt

> cd C:\Windows\System32

> ren osk.exe osk.old

> copy C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe osk.exe

Reboot the server, launch the on screen keyboard and Powershell will open

> Net user Administrator PASSWORD

Make sure you reverse the file changes after.


This is assuming you have the Bitlocker key, or you don’t use Bitlocker. If you're trying to get into a Windows user account and the drive is not encrypted:

From the login screen you can hit shift five times to launch Stickykeys - a system accessibility app to keep shift and control on when pressed instead of having to hold them down.

You can rename/overwrite that app (c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe) with cmd.exe and you have system root shell at the login screen instead of stickykeys. Of course havig access to an unencrypted drive, you can do just about anything, but this can be a quick hack in time sensitive situations.

Be sure to always encrypt your hard disks!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Ultimate Weird Al Tournament Enters Round 4

Over at the Subreddit /r/WeirdAl the users have compiled a head to head bracket of every Weird Al song that has seen an official release in some capacity, and every day for the past few months, they have been whittling down the list from 218 songs down to 32.

Today they've entered round 4, be sure to head over to their community and vote!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Unichusetts of Massaversity Shirts Now For Sale!

Well they've actually been for sale for a while, but I'd like to keep the momentum going. Grab one before Subbaswamy and the board send me a cease and desist despite the University of Massachusetts being a public university. You know it's gonna happen...

p.s. You can still get Always Avoid Alliteration shirts from Whale Computer well. 

How to Get Better Voice of The Customer Scores: Ask for a 10

Via Slashdot, Buzzfeed News published an article about how "That tablet on the table at your favorite restaurant is hurting your waiter". Which is Buzzfeed speak for 'waitresses and waiters at chain restaurants are being assigned shifts based on the voice of the customer scores they are given at the end of the check out process'. For those that have not worked in customer service before, only a score of nine or ten are considered passing on a Voice of The Customer (VOC) survey. Everything else is considered either a "passive" or "detractor" score.

The simple secret to getting a 9 or 10 on a VOC is to ask for one at the end of the transaction. Tell the customer that anything else is considered failing and if there is anything you can do for them, have them contact you first.

Obviously, only tell the customer the positive outcome of you getting a good score, not the repercussions of a bad score. We also inexplicably kept the handout from already disgruntled customers. At Penske Truck Rental getting your named mentioned (positively) in a VOC review got you a $100 American Express gift card. I made sure to give my card and mention the spiff to any happy customer at the end of the check out process. It got to the point where we were stapling handouts that explained the VOC process to the rental contracts. The managers stopped the spiff after I had gotten three cards in two months.

I understand this process skews the VOC numbers, but the reality is that for someone who works the front line in customer service, just about every element of the VOC score is outside of your control. Your attractiveness, ethnicity, the weather, management, inventory, staffing for the day; all of these and more are going to effect your VOC score, which is going to effect your pay directly in many cases. We all know that at the end of the day managers are certainly more inclined to blame you for a bad score than take responsibility for their poor management and processes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Foolproof Guide to Run World of Warcraft Classic (v1.14) on Mac and PC

This guide was specifically written for connecting to the Kronos servers. These steps and troubleshooting should work for just about any version of vanilla World of Warcraft; when connecting to the server of your choice simply replace the realm-list with the server's URL that you are trying to connect to.

Step 1

Click this link and read every step before proceeding:

I'm now going to step you through each step because I know you didn't read the list... Click the link above.

Step 2

Download the client ahead of time (that means right now). Bandwidth is expensive; if you're Mac the client is currently hosted on Mega and at one point unless you pay for an account you will have to wait six hours to complete the download. If you're PC the file is a torrent. If you need a torrent client use QBittorent. Both uTorrent and BitTorrent are both adware now.

Step 3

While the client is downloading click the link and set up your Twinstar account. You will need to email verify so make sure you do that as well. I've had three separate people ask for help because they did not do this. 

Step 4

If you are on Mac make sure to extract the World of Warcraft folder to your applications folder. (This will be important later if the game wont start on you).

Step 5

In your World of Warcraft folder open the file replace any existing entry with one of the following possibilities, save and exit.
set realmlist
set realmlist
set realmlist
Each login server will connect you to the same realm, but the path that each server takes is geographically different. This means that you can try each realmlist and see which one provides you with the lowest latency.

If you're on Mac and the game crashes as it's starting up:

You need to run the game as a super user. In order to do this. Open up Terminal and paste in "sudo /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft\ Classic/WoW\\ of\ Warcraft" without the quotations. This is why I had you install the directory in applications. If you didn't listen and installed it somewhere else then go back to step 4 and also smack yourself for me.

If that does not work and instead you get a bunch of text you need to run your computer at a lower resolution.

If you're on PC and you cannot connect to the Kronos server:

Make sure that your is saved without any other file extension at the end. For example, make sure it is NOT saved as .

If you're on Mac and you cannot connect to the Kronos server

It is the same process as with the Windows step but use TextEdit and make sure that your file is not saved with an extra extension after the txt. 

If you still can't figure it out:

Don't email me. Post a comment below instead.