Friday, June 3, 2011


Part of my old high school, good riddance.

A few days ago a tornado ripped through the city I live in. Although I try to update this site at least five times a week I obviously was not able to for some time. After the tornadoes hit on Wednesday we were told that we would not get electricity back for at least  five days. I am thankful that electricity is the least of my problems and that I am ok. For the time being I am spending some time in Rhode Island with some family.

People think that tornadoes never happen in Massachusetts, but even last year in May a tornado came through the UMASS campus and ripped solar panels off the roof of one of the buildings. Anyways I will have a real update later tonight, I just wanted to give a heads up as to why I have not been updating.


  1. Good to know you are ok

  2. tornado is a pain in the ass... sad rly but that is what we get for screwing around with nature

  3. wow, glad you're ok. high school =lol

  4. Wow, at least you're fine. That's pretty scary.