Thursday, June 16, 2011

George Carlin on The Use of Language

George Carlin understood the implication of words. He stressed the fact that if we think in our language, then the quality of our thoughts must be based on our language.This talk given by the late comedian and social critic is primarily on politicians and words:

This video is actually similar to a talk given by Steven Pinker on political rhetoric. He also humorously brushes upon psycholinguistics... well sort of:
"I just want to put this thing behind me and get on with life. I just want to put this thing behind me and get on with life That's an expression we hear a lot these days from people in all walks of life, usually the person in question has committed some unspeakable act..."
Rarely are there videos that can be funny, and informative to some degree. George Carlin really could have been a Linguist as a lot of his work dealt with language and concepts. Check out the video, I hope you enjoy it! If you do, there is an endless supply of his videos on Youtube. 


  1. That was so funny. I'm heading off to browse through some more of his stuff now (:

  2. george classic is george classic.

  3. I dont like his tasteless comedy but I really enjoy his intelligent comedy you can see there was a lot more to this man than meets the eye.