Monday, June 11, 2012

Innsbruck, Austria

Last week I took a trip to Innsbruck Austria. People there speak German as well, even if it is with a different dialect. Now originally, I thought I had a really good article in the bag. You see, I visited the the university's anatomical museum, which had all sorts of dissected brains. After speaking with the professor he told me I could take pictures of the brains if it was for academic purposes only, and after explaining my major, he permitted me to. Joyously I was off, and after thinking what a great article all these pictures would make he chimed in, and shaking his finger he said in German "now remember, don't go and post those pictures on the Internet".

Nevertheless dear readers, in place of photos of jarred grey matter, I hope that you find these mundane humdrum photos of the alps that every person with a camera who has ever visited Innsbruck has already photographed interesting. A separate article about the anatomical museum will come at another time.

Click photos enlarge.

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