Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Germany's Cool, When It Isn't Crap

I have dragged my feet for a while before showing you this article, because... well of the host site. Some time ago I was instructed to go to a website, and I misheard the name as being . A common mistake. What I found instead of what I was looking for was some German guy's website devoted to crappy things, and features RandomFarts one of which plays when you access each page on the site. ಠ_ಠ

What I did find was Germany's Cool When it's Not Crap which lists the pros and cons of living in Germany. For a page from a website that has not left the year 1995, I actually think these things hold true today.


  1. ill have to check it out, i like your contradictory blog title, ill be following :b

  2. I want to see a X is cool when it's not crap for as many countries as possible.

  3. lol - I consider none of those to be true